Boulder Cleaners and the CED
Boulder Cleaners is a proud member of the International Fabricare Institute. To provide our community with the finest and safest services possible, we are working on our Certified Environmental Drycleaners training. We offer the information below so you can understand our drive to keep improving our environmental efficiency and increase  customer satisfaction.

Certified Environmental Drycleaner – On Premises
The International Fabricare Institute (IFI), the world-wide trade association of drycleaners and launderers, promotes those environmentally safe dry cleaning establishments which fulfill a  predetermined set of requirements. Successful candidates earn the  right to use the title “Certified Environmental Drycleaner” (CED).

What is a Certified Environmental Drycleaner (CED)?
To become a CED, an individual must pass a standard examination.  The drycleaner is tested on various environmental topics, including  environmental regulation, proper waste handling, occupational safety  and health, safe operation of dry cleaning equipment, and other  Federal regulatory requirements. All CEDs must be recertified every  three years.

Why IFI Believes in Environmental Certification
IFI’s Certified Environmental Drycleaner program is designed to benefit drycleaners, their customers, and their communities. This program focuses on drycleaners’ awareness of environmental laws and regulations as they pertain to the dry cleaning industry. Like many businesses today, the dry cleaning industry is working hard with the regulatory community to improve the environment we live in. This, of course, requires drycleaners to fully understand and comply with numerous environmental regulations and controls. One method of testing an individual’s overall knowledge and experience regarding environmental rules, regulation, and safe operating practices is through certification by passing a standard examination.

What Does Environmental Certification Mean to the Consumer?
IFI believes that environmental certification benefits everyone. Most importantly, we believe that certification helps to enhance the image of the dry cleaning industry. Individuals who pass the certification examination have demonstrated a level of knowledge and expertise in critical environmental areas related to the dry cleaning industry.
Certified drycleaners also adhere to a set of professional standards developed by drycleaners. These standards recognize certain drycleaner responsibilities that are basic to the environmental conduct of their business.

The drycleaner who has earned the CED designation has made a  commitment to the consumer by adopting and sharing the constantly changing rules and regulations designed to protect the environment and the public. We believe one of the primary keys to promoting an environmentally responsible dry cleaning operation is to first understand what such an operation is. Certification helps to legitimize this process by professionally testing one’s knowledge and skills.

Certification is also a method used by many organizations to help maintain and increase consumer confidence in the designated industry. Since the dry cleaning industry’s continued success depends upon the trust of the public it serves, certification is extremely important.

What Can You Expect from a Certified Environmental Drycleaner like Boulder Cleaners?
  • Proven knowledge regarding environmental regulation, proper waste handling, occupational safety and health, the safe operation of dry cleaning equipment, and other Federal  regulatory requirements.
  • Adherence to the “Professional Standards of Certified Drycleaners.”
  • An awareness of environmental laws and regulations specific to the dry cleaning industry.