“I myself have handled the needs of Boulder Cleaners since its beginning and our association goes back with the Dugout Cleaners that was established in the early 1920’s.
I recommend without hesitation the quality of the business that these fine people run. They respect the needs of the customers and do whatever is needed to deliver a quality product …We can recommend their service. The devotion these people give their customers is beyond reproach.”
Seymour Katzon, Katzson Brothers
Distributors to Hotels and Motels, Healthcare Institutions, Industrial Laundries and Dry Cleaners

“For over ten years, The Bugle, Ltd. worked with Boulder Cleaners to offer Dry Cleaning to our customers. We were thrilled with the results! The customers loved working with The Ellwood family as much as we did. I would highly recommend a business relationship with Boulder Cleaners to any company that wants to support their customer’s cleaning needs.”
Kathy Mason
Owner of The Bugle, Ltd. Clothing store

“I have known the Ellwood family for the past 15 years and I have used their dry-cleaning service for over 15 years. Their staff is very customer oriented, reflecting the owner’s business philosophy. Over the years there have been a couple of times where I couldn’t make it in time to pick up something I needed for a function over the weekend. I called them at home just on some chance that I could get the items. They not only said that I could get them after hours, but they brought them to my house! They are always willing to go above and beyond the normal expected service…I highly recommend Boulder Cleaners.”
Debi Wirth
First National Bank of Colorado, 
Senior Residential Mortgage Banker

“I want to express my gratitude for the services you have provided the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) at the University of Colorado. …Your timely, professional and quality service has allowed us to represent the United States and the U.S. Naval Service with pride and distinction…”
 James M. Koehler
Capt. USMC Battalion Officer, University of Colorado NROTC